A New Service To Get Your Site Converting At A Ridiculous Rate

A New Service To Get Your Site Converting At A Ridiculous Rate. Here’s an all too familiar question we receive from current and prospective clients:

How can we increase the number of conversions on our site without spending the bank on a new website, especially since we have a limited budget?

We agree - starting from scratch, although sometimes the only option, isn’t always necessary and can be more expensive than expected. It also isn’t the fastest way to get the results you’re looking for. The answer to this conundrum is Conversion Optimization, and the means to achieve that answer is RAD Results, a brand new service made available by the UX and development nerds at RAD Development. We’re incredibly excited to bring an affordable, expertly managed conversion optimization service to the market. Although I’m excited to dive right into the details of what the service encompasses, I think it would be best to start with the basics.

I’ll take “What is conversion optimization” for 500

Conversions are the number of people who come to your business (online or brick and mortar) who complete a process to achieve a goal that you’ve outlined. For most, that goal is revenue driven, but by definition it doesn’t necessarily have to be. If your goal is to acquire a visitor’s email address and contact information, then the conversion is the submission of that information. The conversion rate then is the rate at which your customer base is achieving your goal, or converting. If 100 people visit your site per month, and 5 convert, then your conversion rate is 5%.

Conversion optimization is making iterative changes to one’s process in hopes to increasing the number of converters, and thus the conversion rate.

For websites, it’s essentially optimizing your site by way of minor changes to all add up to a large change in your conversion rate. Those minor changes could include changing a button color, testing a new headline, moving content based on where users are scrolling to, and much more. Optimizing your site isn’t about bringing in more traffic, it’s about making more of your existent traffic convert. Your conversion goals should always be increasing, which means you should constantly be testing new methods of capturing conversions on your site.

A quick story on how we helped an ecommerce client hit their goals and see big return

The checkout page can oftentimes be the biggest barrier to conversion. One of our client’s was realizing that their brand new site was slowly bringing in additional organic and paid traffic, but potential customers seemed to be dropping off once they reached the checkout page, after an item had been added to their cart. Here’s exactly what we did to optimize their checkout page for conversions:

  • To add credibility, 100% Guarantee badges were added to the bottom of the checkout page
  • Online payment security is still on the mind of any consumer. We added security badges to let customers know of the SSL certificate and the antivirus software that our client was paying for, but wasn’t advertising. Don't expect your customers to take payment security for granted
  • Ecommerce Conversion Optimization Security Badges
  • Added visuals showing the types of cards that were accepted. Another way of saying “Your money is welcome”
  • Ecommerce Conversion Optimization Payment Card Badges
  • A short statement was added to the top that let the user know that they were 60 seconds away from starting their course. The payment process is just one more thing that gets in the way of the customer getting what they want, so set expectations.

The results:

Within one month, the site saw an increase in their conversion rate by 43% and revenue by 37%! And that was only for one month, for one test, on ONE page!

The takeaway: Small yet statistically significant tests and changes to a site can add up to big long term revenue gains. And who doesn’t like the sound of that!

There are plenty of other examples too!

Just ask the following companies what they think about conversion optimization (spoiler alert: they use it daily and it’s key to their business’s continued growth)

Conversion Optimization is absolutely critical for continued growth. Period.

Conversion optimization is key for your business to grow fast and turn your site into a money making machine. In fact, I would say it’s absolutely imperative for any sized online business.

Here’s why:

  • It’s cost effective - those minor changes I referred to above, they can be done without needing to redo your site. There’s no development involved, so costs can be kept much lower
  • It’s much faster - since you can optimize without rebuilding your site, you can implement small but significant changes to your conversion rate
  • It’s more efficient - you’re spending money on making the site more friendly for the people who already are interested in your site. Instead of spending big bucks to bring in more new users, you’re spending much smaller bucks to turn your current users into customers.

So why did we develop a service just for Conversion Optimization?

There’s three reasons we’re offering this new service:

  1. We’re experts at conversion optimization. We act as experienced consultants, helping you every step of the way.
  2. Our clients and prospective clients ask for it. There’s a demand for a low cost alternative for refreshing a website. Not to mention, optimizing takes time and patience, two things most fast growing companies don’t have.
  3. We wanted to offer a more affordable option than a complete site rebuild. Redesigning a site from the ground up is expensive. RAD Results is the quickest, most reasonably priced conversion optimization consulting on the market.

Here’s what makes RAD Results so RAD

With RAD Results, you’ll have a team of UX experts calculating different tests to optimize your site for conversions. Included with the service are the following:

Visual Website Optimizer With RAD Results
A free account on Visual Website Optimizer or Optimizely (valued at $49/month). If we ever decide to part ways, we will gladly transfer this account over to your control.

Heat Mapping With RAD Results
Heat tracking and click maps, providing valuable information about what your user behavior visually looks like. If you know where they move their cursor, you can put the most important action there.

A/B Testing With RAD ResultsA hypothesis and A/B Testing for the following month. We will propose solutions and launch the changes to your live website only for a certain percentage of your users to see, and measure how effective it was. Of course, you’ll know exactly what changes we’re making at all times, so you’ll always be in control.

Monthly Reporting With RAD Results

A monthly report summarizing the most important points of your website’s user experience. We’ll show what the impact of the previous test was, and what tests we have planned. You’ll also get key learnings on user behavior, like where visitors are going and what they are doing when they get there.

We’re offering RAD Results at $1,500 a month and we’re offering a discounted annual rate of $15,000. Compared to completely rebuilding your site, even simply redesigning it, you’re looking at potential cost savings and faster revenue impacting changes being made.

To showcase RAD Results, we’ve built a brand new page packed with helpful information, compelling examples, and (in our opinion) some awesome branding. We would love for you to take a look, and if you’re interested, there’s a very short form at the bottom where you can submit your contact info for a RAD UX expert to reach you at.

Check out RAD Results and sign up today to get your site converting the way you want - https://raddevelopment.io/rad-results

One last thing to leave you with...

Some simple conversion optimization tips to abide by:

  • Trust what the data tells you. Don't let opinions about your user's behavior get in the way of what their data is telling you.
  • Test everything. Start with your biggest conversion influencers like your CTA buttons and checkout page.
  • Testing takes time. Be patient and reach the point of statistical significance before an optimization is permanently implemented